DigitalFortress™ is our core service. This archiving platform is designed for long term access to your critical content. Designed from the outset to run in the cloud, it scales without limits and frees you to to focus on your core business.

DigitalFortress™ indexes object metadata and provides structured and unstructured search. Robust user management puts you in control of who can view, download, and make changes to your archive. We make it simple to provide secure access to your archive inside and outside of your organization.

Our services can include the scanning of physical photos, which means you are not just limited to archiving existing digital content. A fully managed workflow ensures that physical photos are tracked from when they leave your library until after they are fully scanned. DigitalFortress™ maintains references to the physical locations of the photos, providing a powerful library management solution.

DigitalFortress MarketPlace™ provides a straightforward way to embed access to your archive in other websites. Through a simple and powerful JavaScript module we provide the capability to sell and license photos, as well as respond to photo requests from prospective customers. Our analytics module tracks visits and activity in the embedded marketplace which allows you to maximize conversions and revenue.

Both durable and highly available, DigitalFortress™ is built on top of industry leading cloud infrastructure. This frees us to focus on adding features and value instead of configuring disks and routers. All system activity is logged, and a full audit trail of changes is maintained. When necessary, metadata changes can be rolled back to prior versions.

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