Bob Pokress - CoFounder

Bob grew up in a family of photojournalists, developed a love of great photography at an early age (the renowned photojournalist Arthur Fellig, aka "Weegee", used to be a regular Sunday dinner guest of his folks when Bob was little) and began snapping pictures of his own, with a Kodak Brownie, when he was five.

Bob's career in high tech began as a systems engineer at Bell Labs helping design the systems that brought about the shift in telecommunications from analog to digital. Bob subsequently co-founded two high tech startups that pioneered computer-telephony integration in the early 1990's and PC-based products that performed least cost routing of phone calls to help consumers reduce their monthly phone charges in the late 1990's.

With the co-founding of Image Fortress, Bob has finally gotten into the "family business" in photojournalism by marrying his technical background and high tech experience with his lifelong love for great photography and desire to bring the world's great photojournalism back to life for future generations to appreciate.

Matt Pokress - CoFounder

Matt planned to become a physicist, but discovered it was far more interesting to build reliable distributed systems than to worry about the weirdness of the very small and very energetic subatomic world.

Matt led the development of patented consumer telephony products in the late 1990s. At Image Fortress he has been creating and enhancing cloud services since before the marketing world created the term "cloud services".

Matt still regrets selling his first camera, a Pentax Spotmatic II, when upgrading to an autofocus Nikon. He is hanging onto a Nikonos V that he, sadly, doesn't get to use often enough.

Mike Johnson - CoFounder

Mike grew up in a family of engineers who had a strong appreciation for photography and music. Nearly all family members played at least one instrument while his father's favorite hobby was snapping pictures with his Olympus OM-1 SLR.

Mike's career in the tech industry began as a quality assurance engineer and later became the QA Manager for a high tech startup creating the department from the ground up. Now he is more involved in the software development at Image Fortress Corporation.

Both an avid photographer and audiophile on a budget Mike enjoys both activities on a regular basis. He finds it particularly rewarding to work in an environment where both intersect.